Sunday 25th June 2017,
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Cuban Cigars Reviews


Partagas Serie E No. 2

Everyone who’s been smoking Cuban cigars for more than 5 minutes, or aspires to, has heard of the Partagas Serie D No. 4. It’s a legendary, completely handmade Cuban cigar that features a very distinctive gold and red band. The [...]

September 28, 2016 ,
Trinidad Cigars

Trinidad Cigars

The current Trinidad is a nice brand of Cuban cigars established in 1969 in post-Revolution Havana. The popular rumor that Fidel Castro used to give them out as diplomatic gifts gave this relatively new brand just the credibility boost it [...]

August 26, 2016
Ramon_Allones Logo

Ramon Allones Specially Selected

Ramon Allones is credited with being the first manufacturer to establish and differentiate their brands by using ornate labels on their cigars as well as the cigar boxes more than 150 years ago. Why have you never heard of them, [...]

August 19, 2016

Cohiba Robusto

The Cohiba Robusto is the statement Cuban cigar, the trump card when you’re out to impress. For an hour, you’ll swear you’re cruising around Old Havana in a vintage muscle car with the top down and a beauty by your [...]

August 10, 2016