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For those of us who innately recognize quality craftsmanship without having to rely on a label, I’m happy to tell you that your quest for the perfect cigar is over, my friend. Introducing the ultimate premium cigars custom designed for the modern gentleman who doesn’t compromise on luxury.

You can find your way around a wine list as easily as your playlist, wrestle a bow tie into submission when the occasion arises and mix a mean cocktail at home to rival any barman downtown so naturally you can handle a cigar adeptly. The only trouble is keeping your humidor stocked full of cigars worth smoking, right?

We didn’t know when we began our own quest for the perfect smoke more than 20 years ago that the search would take us around the world and end up in a tiny town in Nicaragua.

Wait, you thought we were going to say “Cuba”, didn’t you?

So did we at first. But years ago we started hearing murmurings that a Cuban cigar Renaissance was happening in Nicaragua. It was a story of rebirth, passion, devotion to preserving a craft and ultimately the resilience required to persevere against tremendous odds and we were intrigued. We arrived in Esteli to see for ourselves if the goods could live up to the hype. It was love at first puff and we instantly knew we’d found home.

It’s been a long journey (read the rest of Our Story here) but we think you’ll agree it was worth it when you taste them. Our select range of bespokes are a tip of the hat to the elegance of custom suits and walking sticks in a sea of sneakers and T-shirts, they’re stylish and modern with a hint of cheeky rebellion, just like the gentlemen who smoke them.

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