While each cigar may be slightly different from the next in some ways, for the most part the construction and make-up of the cigar itself remains the same.  No matter the specific brand or particular cigar from that brand, the general construct of the cigar is made of the same parts. There is a basic construction and anatomy of the Cuban cigar and each contains three distinct areas that make up the cigar as a whole.

The first part of the cigar itself is referred to as the Tripa, or the Gut. Within this area there are three types of tobacco used to make up the Tripa. Volado is the tobacco sheet that is not as strong as the others. This sheet is particularly known for being able to light well. It is also often referred to as Fortress One.

Seco is the second part of this area. It is of half sheet strength and helps to provide the aroma that comes from the cigar. It is often referred to as Fortress Two.

The final section of the Tripa is known as Ligero. This is a very high strength sheet of tobacco. It is very slow to burn and helps to provide a hint of flavor to the cigar itself. It is known as Fortress Three.

The next section that makes up the construction of the cigar is known as Capote, or the Cloak. The Capote is a very special leaf that is used to completely surround the tobacco in the Gut. It is this particular area of the cigar that helps to give it the distinctive shape that a Cuban cigar has. It is this part of the construction that many people feel makes the Cuban cigar stand out from others, giving a very special high quality to the cigar when it is smoked.

The final area is known as the Capa, or the Layer. The layer is a very thin sheet that goes around the outer surface area of the cigar. While the Layer itself does not contribute anything to the final taste of the cigar, it is this layer that helps to give the Cuban cigar that special feel to the touch that it has, giving the smoker that final hint that there are holding the perfect cigar.

The anatomy of the Cuban cigar is what helps to make it different from other cigars made around the world. When a person is simply holding the cigar, it is the make-up in their hands that lets them know they have something truly special.