Puroexpress Cuban Cigars

Partagas Cuban CigarsPartagás Corona Gorda Añejados

Aged for at least 5 years, smooth and powerfu and yet sweet, with woody nuances.
At the bottom of each box one can check the date of the original rolling of the Habanos. An additional stamp with the legend “Revisado” (checked) has been added, because 100% of the boxes have been opened and all the Habanos have been individually checked.

Partagas Salomones

A very special cigar, that can be difficult to get hold. Strong and dynamic, full of leather, cedar and peppery flavours. Give this cigar the time it deserves in your humidor and then relax and enjoy.


Punch Cuban Cigars

Punch Punch

One of the top Corona Gordas and such a classic. Generous in both flavours and smoke, the Punch Punch has a well earned reputation and world renown amongst connoisseurs. Rich and smooth with mocha overtones and a hint of spice, wonderful floral and cedar aromas. Pure enjoyment down to the last draw.


H. Upmann Cuban Cigars

H. Upmann Petit Corona

The same size as the Coronas Junior, some would say that these little cigars rank amongst the world’s best. For such a small habano, it has an easy draw and a rich layering of aromas. Well balanced, with roasted coffee bean and cedar flavours, it is understandable why John F Kennedy chain smoked these little gems. A perfect accompaniment to your espresso or when time is short. Do find room in your humidor for these excellent value petit Upmanns.


Cohiba Cuban Cigars

Cohiba Siglo I

A great little cigar, with the classic Cohiba flavour. Earth, coffee and hints of pepper roll over the palate. Creamy smooth, tasty and so easy to smoke.


Juan Lopez Cuban Cigars

Juan Lopez Selección No. 1

A truly excellent cigar, it was havana of the year in 1998 in France and Spain. Well balanced and complex, with coffee and chocolate notes and an underlying spiciness. Smooth creamy toffee finish. Quite delicious!


Montecristo Petit No. 2

Montecristo Cuban Cigars

Montecristo Petit No. 2A newly released vitola from Habanos, for those who love the distinctive flavour and shape of the Montecristo No. 2. This little brother is just perfect for when time is short.
Constructed from the original blend of the Linea Clasica, medium to full flavoured, with a distinctive aroma, just perfect for aficionados and novices alike.


Bolivar Cuban Cigars

Bolivar Corona Gigante

A wonderfully rich, smooth and well balanced churchill, with great body and strength. These Bolivars offer up complex flavours of earth, spice and chocolate in their own distinctive style. An impeccable cigar.