Cohiba Sigolo II Out of Stock

One common question we get from prospective customers is why we don’t carry their favourite Cuban cigars or why a cigar is out of stock on our website.

We wish we could sell every Cuban cigar every made and that they would always be available to you, but this is simply impossible. We’ve spent 20 years building our reputation and great relationships with the proper suppliers to give you unparalleled access to a huge selection of authentic Cuban cigars, but the supply of Cubans are simply very limited.

  1. Cuban cigars are made in limited quantities, which means they will often sell out quickly.
  2.  Cuban cigars, especially special and limited editions, are only made in very small batches so they can be very hard to get, even when you have the best connections.
  3. Limited stock has become an even bigger issue recently due to bad harvests and poor productivity, particularly in the last couple of years.
Cohiba range out of stock

Cohiba range out of stock

Cohiba, for example, have had trouble making their larger sizes because they can’t source enough tobacco leaf.

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In other words, there’s a finite supply of Cuban cigars and let me assure you, we hate that reality more than you do.

Unfortunately, there are websites out there with unlimited Cuban cigars and unlimited quantities of “limited” editions (the biggest red flag of all).

In 2003, the Cubans built Guanabacoa, a 15,000 sqm warehouse named for its location in Habana city, to control the distribution of all the Habanos. Each box gets a small “TABACUBA” sticker, and on top of that, they place the “Garantia” label with microdots before they carefully pack and ship real Cuban cigars to shops around the world.
Our suppliers say the guys from that warehouse laugh when we ask for more Limited Editions or popular sold out brands when we see that certain shops say they still have plenty in stock. Their response is,

“Well, they are not made in Cuba, that’s for sure.”

So any cigar stores that claim they can always get their hands on the stock you want, no matter how rare — be wary. There is simply no such thing as an unlimited supply when you’re talking about authentic Cuban cigars.
The good news is you get the unique opportunity to separate the wheat from the chaff and find your trustworthy cigar shop.

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