William Morris famously said that you should “have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” French makers Les Fines Lames know how to double down on this maxim by reinventing utilitarian objects so cleverly, you’ll delight in using and admiring them daily.


Their LE PETIT Skyline Series is a new line of friction folder pocket knives designed to be the ultimate multi-purpose accessory that’s both striking and practical. Les Fines Lames makes it easy to have the best of all worlds in an elegant tool that’s not just a cigar cutter but a joy to carry in your pocket and find new uses for each day.


Designed in Marseille, each knife in the series is exquisitely crafted in Thiers and features a high-density, black ebony wood handle. The one-handed mechanism is as velvety smooth as its cut. A firm press of your thumb on the lever reveals the familiar skyline of an iconic city etched into its 6.5cm long blade, compact enough to carry legally in almost any country.


Le Petit’s 23mm aperture handles a 58 ring gauge cigar with precision and won’t falter even on a 70 ring gauge (not to mention the lime for your mojito or the mail).


Celebrate your favourite city from around the world with this limited edition series available exclusively at www.lesfineslames.com. Whether your heart belongs in New York and Dubai or Shanghai and Havana, don’t delay in snagging the ultimate gift for yourself or the worldly cigar aficionado in your life before they’re all gone.