Vision Jet


The Vision® Jet is the culmination of enthusiastic and relentless innovation. As the world’s first Personal Jet, the Vision Jet excels in performance and is simple to fly. It’s easy to own and operate. And it’s a joy to travel in, as a pilot and as a passenger.

The Porsche 911 Reimagined

Some of us never quite get over our first loves, and mine was a heart-stopper from the 60s. She was cheeky and precocious, sporting luscious curves that were undeniably sexy yet adorable playful at the same time. Man, she could purr too. I didn’t think anyone or anything could ever live up to that first…

Timeless: Iconic Luxury Timepieces

There’s a certain smugness to the ritual of wrapping an iconic timepiece around your tanned wrist. Perhaps because they should have been made virtually obsolete by those ubiquitous devices we all carry around in our pockets that do so much more than tell time. Ironically, classic vintage watches are even more in demand than ever these days.

Hold the World in the Palm of Your Hand

William Morris famously said that you should “have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” French makers Les Fines Lames know how to double down on this maxim by reinventing utilitarian objects so cleverly, you’ll delight in using and admiring them daily. 

Cigar Ageing

Cigar Ageing

Cigar Ageing & Maturing Cigar ageing is thought by most experienced cigar smokers to be essential if you want to make the most of your premium cigars. By letting your cigars age in your humidor, you can actually improve the cigar’s character and flavor as the different tobaccos used in its construction continue to blend.…

Cigar Flavors

Cigar Flavors

Cigar Flavor & Taste “A Look At Cigar Flavors & Taste” The diverse and variety of flavors available in cigars is the main reason that just about all cigar aficionados enjoy smoking cigars. With all the many different cigar brands and experiencing the numerous flavors a cigar can come in is what makes cigar smoking…

Cigar Wrappers

Cigar Wrappers

Cigar Wrappers – Cigar Wrapper Colors Cigar wrappers are the outermost leaf on the cigar and is a single tobacco leaf that is wrapped around the filler and binder of a cigar. Cigar wrappers are usually the most expensive component of the cigar and a good cigar’s wrapper should be perfect: no wrinkles, spots, veins…

Cuban Cigar Shapes & Sizes

Cigar Sizes

Cigar Sizes & Shapes “Guide to cigar sizes and cigar shapes” There are many different types of cigar sizes and cigar shapes available out there. It can be difficult to remember all the different cigar shapes & sizes being produced. Traditional cigar shapes, or formats, vary greatly in size from brand to brand, so it’s…